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D.J. Brandon
With a Bachelor’s degree from Wright State University, D.J. Brandon spent over thirty years working in child and family health care, calling four different states “home” along the way. But even as she and her husband raised their family and welcomed five grandchildren, another dream was calling; the dream of writing books for her favorite people, children.  Whether it’s a story of family and friendship or light-hearted adventure, you’ll be sure to find plenty of “heart” between the covers of her books. You may even find a ghostly twist or two, as with the Graveyard Gruber Chapter Book Series from West 44 Books. 

The Graveyard Gruber Chapter Book Series 

Book 1:  The Legend of Graveyard Gruber 
Passing a cemetery on the way to a baseball game, Grady earns the cool new name of Graveyard Gruber. Balancing friendships, school, and baseball, Grady rides the tide of fame until a rotten hot dog, a haunted house, and a gloomy cemetery guarded by a half-crazed ghost threaten to strip it away. Back at the baseball field, his team in jeopardy, his scalp tingling, Grady must face his fears regardless of the consequences. From the shadows of the cemetery, Grady hopes to save the day and live up to his new name.
Book 2:  Mystery At Cate's Creek 
When Graveyard Gruber discovers a locket buried along Cate's Creek, his scalp tingles...a sure sign that a ghost is involved! At the history museum, Graveyard learns of the creek's history: a diphtheria outbreak, an abandoned settlement, and a tragic drowning. As the mystery of the Cate's Creek ghost gets muddier, Graveyard Gruber wants to keep investigating. But is this one mystery that's too dangerous to solve?
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Book 3:  The Firehouse Phantom
While on a tour of the brand-new firehouse with his friends, Graveyard Gruber feels an urgent tug from an invisible hand. Stories of a vacant house burned to the ground on the very same site, suspicions of arson, and a strange boy seen running from the blaze add to the mystery. Can an unexpected classmate provide the missing clue? Graveyard Gruber eagerly agrees to help out at the firehouse, determined to solve the mystery and set the record straight.

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